Monday, December 12, 2011

Double Chunky Cowl Recipe

The Double Chunky Cowl... it knits up in no time and is so warm and cozy! Perfect for outside in the cold, or snuggling down inside, under a blanket.
I call this a recipe more then a pattern, because you can make your own out of any wool, on any needles, to any size! 
The Double Chunky Cowl features a double moss stitch pattern knit with two strands of contrasting chunky wool. It's knit flat, and knit up in only a couple hours! Nothing to it at all :) 

You can find it on Ravelry

Like I said, you can do this with any materials you want (as long as you get the gauge), but I'll let you in on what I used! 

  • US 19 15mm straight needles 
  • I had some Bernat Chunky wool laying around in balls left over from a few other projects. I have no idea how many grams I used to make this, but if I were to guess, about 50 to 75 (I think) of EACH colour! This pattern is double stranded, which used TWO strands of yarn, one from each colour! 
  • GAUGE: 2 inches (height) by 2 inches (width) = 5 by 4 stitches in double moss stitch 
  • The final measurements will be 12 inches wide, 25 inches long 

CAST ON 25 sts

Row 1: K1, P1 repeat to end of row 
Row 2: Knit as appears (knit where you have knits, purl where you have purls)
Row 3: Purl where you have knits, knit where you have purls 
Row 4: Knit as appears (knit where you have knits, purl where you have purls)

Continue in this pattern (knitting as appears for two rows, then switching for the next two) until the cowl reaches 25 inches or desired length. Cast on, and sew edges together. 

And that's it! Easy, painless, and easily changed to suit your wool and needles.

Have fun! 

(Here's a close up of the pattern, and how the cowl looks flat)

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