Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Florence Crochet Cowl

Here you go…
Potentially the easiest thing to make ever. Hands down. And I can barely even crochet!

Introducing the Florence Cowl. Quick and easy, soft and comfy, warm and snuggly… everything you need for when the winter comes and the snow starts falling!

This is a really basic cowl made with chunky wool.  It’ll take you one evening to complete; that’s how quick and easy this is!  If you don’t know how to crochet, or you’re not very advanced in crocheting, I think this would be a great pattern to get your feet wet.  Take it from me… I am not in any way experienced in crochet!

What you will need…

Approx. 100 grams of Bernat Roving – I think this pattern works best with Roving, because it’s so soft and cozy, but you can use any kind of chunky you have.  I’ve made others in chunky wool and they’ve also turned out lovely J Also, the grams of wool you need will be directly affected by how tight you are crocheting.  I made one, and had to start a second 100g ball, but I made two more and didn’t even finish a 100g ball!

Wool darning needle

8.00mm L crochet hook
Chain 50

Join the two ends using a slip stitch, careful not to twist your chain.

Double crochet each stitch.

Repeat until you have 12 rows!  You can make them wider by chaining more initially, or make them taller by doing more rows!  I also found that the very last crochet I did, I made a single instead of a double, just so that there wasn’t just a row that ended abruptly.  I found that making a single crochet transitioned better.

If there are people reading this that have experience crocheting, any suggestions to make this pattern better are welcomed!  As I mentioned before, I am NOT experienced in crocheting, I just dabble in it a bit!  All of the technique used in this cowl was from knitting experience J
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  1. That is cute, thank you for sharing the pattern..